by day, i own, operate, and edit InsideTheMagic.net, a leading source for news and information from the worlds of themed entertainment and pop culture.

i frequently also get myself wrapped up into projects such as:

When Shadows Fall (2016) – a new form of interactive entertainment that combined live performance with interactions and immersive environments to create a unique experience like no other. as producer and technical director, i was part of the core team that created this experience at Pseudonym Productions.

Catharsis (2016) – an immersive haunted experience, but not a traditional haunted house. rather than repetitive “boo” scares, this experience evolved at a less frantic pace across 30 minutes, allowing visitors to soak in the horrors as they slowly revealed themselves. the visuals, sounds, and personal interactions were designed to reach guests on a deeper level than simple startle scares.i was part of the core team that created this experience at Pseudonym Productions, providing sound design, photography, story and scene development, publicity, and web design, as well as assisting with set design, lighting, casting, and directing.

Deadly Sins Bar (2016) – an artfully sinful experiential bar and lounge, part of the Catharsis immersive haunted experience. at Pseudonym Productions, i was part of the team that created and operated the bar, including design, publicity, management, staffing, bartending, inventory, and entertainment.

The Republic (2015) – an immersive theater-inspired test production that aimed to bring video gaming to real life via an innovative, interactive performance experience. in this precursor to When Shadows Fall, players’ decisions controlled and determined the outcome of our conflicted story. for Pseudonym Productions, i helped in every aspect of creating this experience.

Dr. Radley’s Nightmare Machine (2014) – an independent haunted house in St. Petersburg, FL. with a captivating story, original score, special effects, and intricately themed, hand-crafted environments. i served as producer, videographer, public relations manager, sound designer, technical director, voice actor, scareactor, and web designer – a little of everything.

Dr. Radley’s Sleep Sessions (2014) – i directed this special personal horror experience set inside the Radley Haunted House. this 2-night experience was roughly 30 minutes in length, designed for horror fans looking for the most unique and extreme halloween experience in central florida.